Thursday, March 26, 2015

W.I.P. Wednesday - Stars-N-Stripes

QOV Stars-N-Stripes #2

Hot off the ironing board is my latest Quilt of Valor top.  

I call this design "QOV Stars-N-Stripes".  I know it's not very original, but naming quilts has always been a struggle for me. 

QOV Stars-N-Stripes design

A couple of months ago I wanted to create a quilt that was fairly easy to make and this design was the result of my efforts.  

In the original design, I made blocks of blue stars on a white background and red, white, and blue stripes for the alternate blocks.  The borders are simple strips as well.  Once I made all the floating star blocks the rest of the top went together really quickly.  

QOV Stars-N-Stripes #1

Our local Quilts of Valor group has been working hard to meet the demand, so I made myself a goal of making one or two quilt tops per month. 

This month I used the same design, but switched up the fabric choices.  I added a small square of the flag fabric in the center of the stars and like how that turned out.  I'm not sure which quilt top I like best.

QOV Stars-N-Stripes #2 - corner

QOV Stars-N-Stripes #2 - middle
Thanks for stopping by.  I'd be interested to know which version of Stars-N-Stripes you prefer.  

Happy Quilting!


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