Monday, November 23, 2015

More Quilts of Valor

A while back, over a year ago, I attended a small local quilt show.  There were close to a dozen quilts that all used the same pattern and I was inspired by the red, white and blue version thinking it would be a great one to make for Quilts of Valor.  

After studying the pics I took, I came up with this pattern in EQ7.

 I entitled the design "It's A Mystery" and is made with two different 12-inch square blocks.   

Here's a stack of the B Blocks before I assembled the quilt interior.  Those triangle units are not my favorite to make.  No matter how careful I am in cutting and piecing they seem to stretch and distort the entire block.  I did starch the large triangle before piecing, but in hindsight, I should have starched the side triangle, too.

Because I wanted the design to prevail, the length ended up a bit larger than I prefer.  I decided to add a small, 1-inch, border all around just to finish it off.  The quilt top measures 62" x 86".

I chose to make the borders two colors, two sides are red and two sides are blue.

At our last QOV sew-in earlier this month, I worked on combining pre-made quilt blocks.  Because we have so many people making blocks they are not always all the same size, so I had to trim these down to one common size before proceeding.

 I really like the fabric I used for the cornerstones and outer border.  
One of the gals at the sew-in dressed up the plain white stars with the embroidered "USA" in the center.  

This is the Floating Star block we often make for these quilts.  I think the USA fabric in the star center adds a lot of interest to the block.

I'm planning on submitting this top, along with some others, at our next sew-in.

Thanks for stopping by.......Happy Quilting!!!

~ Diane 

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