Monday, January 23, 2012

Design Wall Monday 1/23

Pine Point Design Wall
I made a couple more scrappy blocks.  

At first I thought I would just set the blocks butted up against each other, but then I considered adding really dark (preferably black) strips between them to set them off.  I like the look of skinny sashing but haven’t used it before so I’ll give it try.

Craftsy-BOM-Jan2 (1013x1024)
Wonky Pound Sign block
I also made up the second Craftsy block of the month – the Wonky Pound Sign. 

I don’t particularly like the design look of this block, but I wanted to try the technique.  It’s important to continue learning and doing new things.  There are a lot of quilting techniques, styles and methods that I have yet to try.  I was able to use up some more bits from my scrap bucket.


  1. I like your idea of the narrow sashing in between your blocks. It makes each one stand alone as its own work of art, rather than running into each other.

  2. Welcome to blogland. I like the sashing in between the blocks. Scraps are "never ending" LOL....

  3. Welcome to blogging. I have been scrap busting a ton this month. Check out She has a Rainbow scrap challenge. I like your blocks. I think the sashing would help each block stand out more.

  4. I like skinny sashing. I've used it on many quilts. Sometimes I just get into a hurry and put them all up together, but yours looks nice with the black. I tried the wonky block on a free style quilt. I'd done the asterisk before so it was easy. Yours goes well in the fabric you chose. I did mine with skinnier "lines" kinda like the skinny sashing--each has its own look and nothing is right or wrong!


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