Friday, March 23, 2012

March 2012 FMQ challenge

 This month's Free Motion Quilting challenge tutorial was presented by  quilting expert, Ann Fahl.  Ann provided excellent advice and insight about how to improve your quilt stitching skills. 
Check out SewCalGal web page for more information and inspiration.

As Ann suggested, I gathered my quilt stitching designs and doodles into a notebook.  I also practiced sketching and doodling the four designs she provided before I tried stitching them out on my practice sandwich.  

I used King Tut variegated thread with  a 80/12 top stitching needle by Superior Thread. 

After the loops, stars, swirls and flowers I ventured into making some baptist fans and then some feathers.  

All in all I enjoyed this month's challenge and am pleased to see improvements in my skills.  I'm also more confident in making the necessary tension adjustments to my machine as they are needed. 

Thanks for stopping by............Happy Sewing!!!


  1. Hi Diane, your quilting is so pretty. I love the variegated thread on white, your stars and swirls and loop de lous are wonderful. Good job.. well done.

  2. that variegated thread!

  3. Looking great. I also used the variegated thread which gives the extra oomph.


  4. wow, that looks awesome, love the thread you used.


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