Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our Snow Birds

Snowy Flamingos
It snowed here again last night.  And again our temps are just hovering around freezing so it’s been more of a mix of snow and rain.  The flamingos that guard our pond have been keeping century but they’ve had to pay the price.  Notice the snow on the top of their heads.  I may have to repaint them this year because the sun has caused them to fade.  

Don’t ask why I like pink flamingos.  Up until a few years ago I thought they were tacky and cringed whenever I spotted them in someone’s yard.  They are usually accompanied by nomes, whirliegigs and other yard statues.  I somehow crossed over and now I like them.  A few years ago we were having problems with a visiting great blue heron who loved to snack on the goldfish in our pond.  The pond guy said that if you get a replica of one of them (at about $80) and place them next to the pond then others would not invade the territory.  After that I kept looking for the cheaper flamingos with the idea of painting them the grey-blue of the heron.  Do you think I could find any flamingos?  Not one……until two years ago I found a couple in a dollar store.  I snatched them up and promptly put them in the yard.  Then a friend made me these larger, wooden ones which, from a distance look pretty real, I think.  The plastic ones are now up at the lake adding color to my little garden area.  Well, actually, they’re tucked away for the winter months.  When I go up to the cabin in a few months, I’ll take them out, dust them off and plant them in the garden along with some petunias.   

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