Friday, December 7, 2012

On The Needles - Dec 7, 2012

This week I've worked on a couple of projects.  

First up, I knitted up two old-fashioned washcloths.  In recent years I've seen a lot of novelty dishcloths, but was pleased when I found this pattern.  For some reason I prefer the older-styled knitwear.  

These washcloths were made using size 8 US needles and cotton yarn.  For the red one I used Peaches & Creme, burgundy, worsted 4-ply, 100% cotton and for the pastel one, I used Bernat Cottontots, Wonder Dreams.  The Cottontots is really soft and squishy.  

I threaded two different colored ribbons through the lacy border.  I will probably add some bath foofoos (like a nice bar of soap and or small lotion) inside and cinch it up with the ribbon to make a simple hostess gift. 

My second project has been to test and develop a fingerless mitt pattern I can use for gifts or myself.  I had in mind to make a pair with lace pattern on the top and solid for the palm side.  I used WoolEase and size 6 needles.

The mitt on the left has a ribbed arm and one lace pattern on the top.  The arm fits nicely and is long enough to go under my sleeve.  I used a lace pattern from my big knitting book which has lots of stitch patterns.  

For the middle mitt, I used a lace pattern from a pair of mitts I found on line.  I didn't make the thumb correctly.  It's too big and kinda looks like a cactus arm. 

The final test mitt turned out better and with refined pattern in hand I cast on with the real yarn and needle size I planned to use.  Last night I finished the left-hand mitt and started on the right-hand mitt.  No pictures.....sorry. This pair will be a Christmas gift.       

Thanks for visiting.  Be sure to stop by at Patchwork Times to see what others have on their needles this week.  I saw a lot of really nice projects!


  1. Those look very interesting. I particularly like the style that has the longer arm protection. I'm always cold so I think my fingerless gloves need to have fingers totally enclosed. I'm still trying to master socks, so gloves are out of the question for me. It's nice that you make them for gifts. That is a work of love for sure.

  2. Clever to design your own pattern. I like that dishcloth pattern too but never thought to run ribbons through the eyelets. Fun idea, thanks!


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