Monday, January 30, 2012

Design Wall Monday 1/30/12


I’ve been trying to figure out the borders for this scrappy collage quilt.  I’m attempting to accomplish two things:  Use scraps and practice new techniques.  The blocks were pieced and individually quilted using the leaf design from the January FMQ challenge.  Then I attached them with the thin black sashing using a technique I saw on a uTube video online.  I like how that came out.  Now I have to decided if I want borders or not.  This is destined to be a new blankie for my cat and I’d like it to be a little larger than just the four blocks which measure 25”x25”. 

Current options:  a.)  5” scrap strips (shown on top)  b.) two rows 2” squares (left)  c.) one row 2” squares (right)  or d.) no added border (bottom)      Leave a comment and tell me know which one you favor.


  1. Welcome to blogging. I see you are new. Your scrap piece is nice. Good to use the internet to learn the quilt as you go. I have seen some very large quilts done that way.

  2. I like the piano key border on the top. I'd definitely put it all around.

  3. I don't know if you are asking for opinions, but I like the piano key border... very nice scraps!


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