Thursday, January 19, 2012

End of Blog Week 1

I started this blog one week ago.  There is so much to learn about blogging and internet communicating, and I've made some headway......I think.

I've spent a lot of hours lately with my graphics and pics.  On my list of things to do is to learn more about my camera and taking good photos.  For the time being, I'm concentrating on getting them edited (cropping, straightening, and resizing) as well as uploaded.

Working on patterns

For as long as I can remember I've made crafty things for myself and others.  And I always draw or sketch out what I want to make.  I use CAD for work and for "play".  Last year I added Electric Quilt to my box of toys.

I'm currently working on gathering all my sketches, taking photos, and writing up the instructions for some of the things I've designed and made.  In the future I'd like to supplement my income by creating and selling patterns on the web.   Stay tuned...

Sweatshirt Jacket report:

Well, things are not going as well as I thought they would.  That darn sweatshirt fabric stretches every time I sew on it.

Last night I trimmed the fabric on one of the front pieces and proceeded to staystitch all around.  I tried to sew as close to the edges as possible so when it is all sewn back together the seam allowances will be around 1/2".  

Hopefully the jacket will fit me in the end.  As I was staystitching, the darn thing wiggled and squirmed all over the place.  I need to figure out a way to stabilize it better before staystitching.  I'm thinking starch might help.   


  1. You might try fusible tricot on the back of the sweatshirt pieces. I have a friend who makes t shirt quilts and loves it for that. You put the stretch of the sweatshirt in the opposite direction of the stretch of the tricot.

    1. Thanks for the advice Judy. I will try to remember your suggestion for the future, but this pattern is a stitch and flip strip method where the strips are sewn to sweatshirt wrong side fabric. The sweatshirt (outside fabric) becomes the inside of the jacket. Because I added some batting to the bottoms of the pieces to make it longer, I will have to interface the entire body so that the batting doesn't show when the jacket is open. I'm hoping that the sweatshirt knit will not stretch much after I sandwich it between the outer fabric and the interfacing (which will be cotton). I'll post a pic and report my progress later on.


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