Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 2012 FMQ Challenge

This month's free-motion quilting challenge was presented by Leah Day.  Her excellent tutorial included lots of helpful hints on getting started with free motion as well as a couple of videos.

The foundation designs she demonstrated she calls double stippling.  To begin you stitch a large squiggle line and then double stitch over that line with loops.  For the second practice piece the double stitching is straight lines and angles that create a railroad track effect.

I liked both these designs and will use them in future projects.

I had a lot of problems with the machine I have here at the cabin.  I have a piece of wood that I plan on cutting to the shape of my machine bed and then adding supports so I will have a nice larger flat surface for the fabric to lay upon while I stitch.  

Please check out SewCalGal's blog for more information about the challenge.


  1. Good job on the challenge Diane. Your fmq looks fanastic.

  2. ooops typo.. Your fmq looks fantastic.

  3. Very good, Diane. This was a fun challenge, and I can see that I will be using these designs in the future.


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