Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Got It Done–Jan 2013

January has been a productive month, probably because I’m still riding the momentum wave of holiday crafting from December and the weather has not been conducive of outdoor activities. 
Here’s my original List

1.  Finish quilting the Indian Star wall hanging that I pieced last summer while at the lake.  I renamed this quilt:  Inchelium Star.  That’s the name of the town closest to the lake where I am blessed to spend many of the summer months each year.  I really liked designing this, but have to admit that when it came time to do the piecing, I had lots of troubles.  Originally I was going to give this to one of my Native American friends, but think I will just put it up on the wall at our “cabin” and make her a nicer one.  This measures about 40” square.

2.  Make a pair of fingerless gloves as a gift.  I really like the yarn I used for these and was able to get two pair of gloves from the one skein.  The second pair, which I still haven’t finished, I will keep for myself.

PJ Pants 3.  Sew some Jammie pants (for myself).  I love the soft, lightweight flannel I used and was able to make a top out of the leftover material.  DH says I look like I’m wearing a prison jump suit, but I’m more concerned with comfort.  It’s been fun sewing things other than quilts for a change. 
PJ Top
4.  Finish the Quilted Gift Bag pattern.  I had put this on the back burner for way too long.  Writing the instructions had me stumped in a few places.  It’s not easy for me to find the words to clearly describe how to do something.  I also played around with the graphics and got them looking better.
I put this pattern on my Free Patterns page.  If you are interested in having a copy, please check my email address on my profile page and send me a request. 

My Bonus Projects

Craftsy BOM for January 2013. 
This is an offset log cabin block.  I just grabbed some scraps and followed the instructions for putting this together.  This test block will go in my Orphan box and hopefully be put to use soon. 

I started this quilt a few months ago and set it aside until after the holidays.  At my monthly quilt group I was able to make the border blocks and then finish the piecing later that night at home.  I will probably put quilting this quilt on my February Getting It Done list. 

I also am taking the Craftsy free min-class, Creative Quilt Backs.  In the past, I’ve simply bought yards of fabric for my quilt backs; but I’d like to be more thrifty and make use of my Orphan blocks. 
I had a four blocks left over from making the Log Cabin throw and I also found the center block which used some of the same brown fabric.  It took me a while to come up with a layout that I liked.  I used up more scraps and made up the somewhat offset log cabin blocks for the sides.  Then I added the cream colored sashing.  I still have to cut and add the pieces for the sides and top. 

Jan-ScrapQuilt Recently I spent several hours organizing my scraps and leftovers.  I still want to reorganize my stash fabrics as well.  In the meantime, I want to use up as many scraps as possible this year.  So, I think I’ll add Make a Scrap Quilt to my monthly Getting It Done list.
This quilt was offered on Quilters Club of America as a Mystery quilt, provided by Missouri Star Quilt Co. 
I was happy to use up (628) 2-1/2” squares! 
Now I have to figure out what backing I’ll use.  Perhaps I’ll piece the back and use even more scraps.

Dishcloth-Jan2013 My January, 2013 dishcloth/washcloth.  I’ve really enjoyed getting back into knitting after all these years.  I’ve learned that it’s a good idea, and extremely helpful, to do a swatch at the beginning of any new project.  There are so many neat knitting stitch patterns that I’d like to try, but my experience has been limited.  So, I was thinking that making washcloths would be an excellent opportunity to try out some new patterns and get the hang of them before incorporating them into socks.  I’m going to try to make a washcloth each month. 

Well, that’s my Getting It Done progress report for January 2013. 


  1. WOW! You did some amazing work in January. Love you jammies. Your Indian Star is wonderful, love the mittens. You should be proud. :)

  2. I've never seen an Indian Star before - so very cool. You really got a lot done - I'm also tired just thinking about all them. LOL! Good luck with your Feb goals.

    1. Thanks Linda. I designed the Star quilt after my friend asked me if I'd ever made a Star quilt like the ones that are popular among Native Americans. This was my interpretation.


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