Friday, January 18, 2013

On The Needles–Jan 18, 2013

Yesterday I took a friend to the dentist for a root canal and was able to get some knitting done on the latest pair of fingerless gloves.  Usually I knit while watching t.v., but lately my t.v. time has been minimal.  These gloves don’t take very long to make.  Like my sock knitting, I am making two-at-once.  I find that this works good for me so that both socks/gloves have the exact amount of rows.  It’s great to have a pair done and ready to wear after binding off and weaving in the ends.

I’m glad to making progress on this project because it’s my final item to complete on my Getting It Done list for January.  Yeah!  

I’m linked up with Patchwork Times, so be sure to check out what others have on their needles this week. 
Happy Knitting!             ~ Diane


  1. Love that color! I am so impressed with anyone that can do two things at once. Awesome!

  2. Very nice! It is handy to have a small knitting project when waiting for appointments. It is good that you could be there for your friend. Cheers! Evelyn

  3. Your Mitts look great - love the color.


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