Friday, February 22, 2013

Free-Motion Quilting–Log Cabin Throw

I did three styles of quilting on this project. 
Using the walking foot I stitched in the ditch around the quilt borders as well as the 12-inch log cabin blocks.  I also outlined the flying geese blocks in the border. 
Then I switched to my darning foot and began quilting the interior of the log cabin blocks following the seam lines of each log.  I started with the largest log and basically created a square spiral working toward the middle of the block and then reversed direction and stitched a line in the center of each log as I worked my way outward.  This was a great plan in my head, but when it came to execution it was a real pain to accomplish.  Because there was so much fabric crammed into the throat of my machine, it was next to impossible for me to achieve straight lines in any direction except toward me.  I opted to turn the fabric each time I changed direction so I had to shift and rearrange the fabric in the throat as well as on the table.  About half-way through I switched back to my walking foot and was able to get straighter lines.  As I look at the quilt now, I’m glad that I did the design within the log cabin blocks, but I’d think twice about doing it on a quilt of this size (which is really not big at 60 x 70).  I think the additional batting around the outside added even more bulk.
I decided to do freehand feathers in the outer border after I stitched the curvy spine all around. All in all I’m pleased with the outcome of my quilting on this quilt. 
I’m linked up with the FMQ Friday at the Free Motion Quilting Project blog. 
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  1. Nice! The feathers look great!

  2. Wow! Sounds like a hassle but that design in the log cabin blocks is a great effect. I am a big fan of the log cabin and have never seen that; will have to try it sometime.

    Your feathers are lovely!

  3. Love the feathers. That is a skill I need to work on.

  4. Hi new to your blog. So love log cabin. Your quilting is great. Love the feathers.

  5. The feathers look great as does the whole quilt. Very lovely work.

  6. Very nice done, love your feathers


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