Friday, February 22, 2013

On The Needles - Feb 22, 2013

And then there was ONE (sock)!  
After screwing up my third attempt at making the heel on just one of these socks, I frogged out the WHOLE sock.  There it is on the right in the pic above.  All wound up.  That's how I felt when I tried to frog out just the heel portion and pick up the stitches.  I'd done it several times so far and the yarn was splitting and hard to get back onto the needle.  So I did what seemed best at the time.  I don't regret it and will probably do the same to the other sock.  I'm thinking that I might just start over completely and not do the ribbing pattern on the instep.  In the meantime these two will hang out in the bag and console one another while I consider their fate.

One Row Washcloth

Meanwhile, I worked a little on the One Row washcloth that I started last week.  This is the kind of project I like to have handy to work on while watching t.v.  But, sometimes I just want to veg and stare at the tube and let my hands rest idly.  
Front side of the One Row Washcloth
I have some left over cream colored cotton yarn so I've added a couple of stripes.  

Back/Reverse side of the One Row Washcloth
I haven't decided how big I want this cloth to be so I'll just keep going until it feels right.

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  1. I feel your sock pain. I'm going to cut the yarn on my single sock and try again with different needles and maybe a different pattern. So far I haven't actually gotten a single full sized sock done.


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