Sunday, March 10, 2013

FMQ Practice Panel #2, Zippered Pouch

While trying to decided how to use the first free motion quilting practice panel, I discovered that I had used the identical blue fabric when test quilting a flower I was considering using in a baby quilt.  I had used white thread on the blue fabric so I could clearly tell if my tension setting were correct.  The more I looked at that flower panel it became apparent to me that it had to be part of the new project.  I didn’t change the thread colors in my machine, I just went with the royal blue.

First off, I outlined the white stitching which made the flowers and loops seem to rise above the surface.  Then I stitched several different fill patterns, including those pebbles from the first panel….but not so many this time.  I have to say that I actually had fun making this panel. 
About half way through the stitching, I took measurements of the first panel and then outlined the second panel so that the two would end up being the same size and proceeded to complete the stitching on the second panel. 

After trimming both panels to identical sizes I dug through my zipper stash and found one that was close in color.  To connect the two panels at the bottom seam, I added a small strip of fabric and top stitched it down similar to the method used to connect quilt-as-you-go pieces.  I also added a narrow piece of fabric at the top edge of both panels so I would not have all the bulk of the batting to contend with while inserting the zipper. 

Pouch-FrontI chose not make a lining for this pouch, but now I’m thinking that I probably should have. 

When I figure out what fabric I want to use for a lining, I plan to turn the bag inside out and hand-stitch it along the top.  Since this will be a utility pouch it isn't really necessary to line it, but it would hide the raw edges of the fabric and batting along the sides and bottom seam. 

The shapes and design of the first panel make me think of a jeans back pocket so this became the pouch “back” (although no one will know but me).

I had a good time with this project and think that I would like to make some more.  Perhaps I will be more thoughtful when I pick fabrics for my stitching test panels. 

The final measurement for this zippered pouch is 9” x 9” square.


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