Friday, June 21, 2013

On The Needles - Jun 21, 2013

For the month of June I chose to knit the Sanquar Check Washcloth.   Recently I purchased a 14 ounce ball of Peaches & Creme variegated cotton yarn that I thought would work well for this pattern.  The background yarn is white.  I don't think the design shows up as well as it could, so in future I would probably use a dark, solid color yarn to achieve a better contrast.  

This was not a hard pattern to make and I'm glad I tried something new.  

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  1. very ice, it would look good in my kitchen.

  2. Cute design. Purples and greens.....yum!

    1. Thanks Amy. I'm favoring the purples and greens too these days.

  3. love it! I thought the pattern was quite striking, even from the little thumbnail photo.

  4. Lovely pattern...thank you for sharing it.


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