Monday, November 12, 2012

Design Wall Monday - Nov 12, 2012

I found some 12-inch log cabin blocks in my orphan block box and decided to get them sewn into a quilt.  I chose a 3 x 4 layout and have three blocks left over.  The spare blocks will be incorporated into the quilt back.  

Original LC Block
I want the finished size to be 60"x72" so the next step was to design the border.  My first choice was to add some plain strips but in order to achieve the size I want I'd have to add 12" of strips all around the quilt center.
EQ7 to the rescue!  It's been weeks since I played with the software and this is a perfect time to enlist help.  For some reason I thought flying geese would compliment the log cabin blocks, so I designed 12-inch blocks for the border and corners.

Border Block

Corner Block
 Here's the design I ended up with. 

Do you think I should move the geese outward, centering them in the middle of the border block or leave them as is?

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