Monday, February 25, 2013

Design Wall Monday–Feb 25, 2013

Triangle Squares, Half Square Triangles (HST) or whatever you call them……I have a bunch and want to use them somehow.  I also have several sizes, from 1-1/2” square to 2-1/2” square; but the majority of them are 1-3/4” square.  They were trimmings from other project blocks. 

Placing a square over a corner of another piece and sewing the diagonal seam produces a lot of bits that I can’t stand to throw away.  This method seems wasteful, but if I can use up all those leftovers, then I guess I’ll be o.k. with it. 

My friend, Dot, uses hers to make pinwheel blocks.  For some reason, I don’t like pinwheels all that much.  So now I’m on the hunt for a pattern to use up all these little guys.  In the meantime I’ll continue to press and trim and play with layouts. 

I subscribe to Quiltmaker magazine and they recently published Block Bonanza in one of their issues.  I saved a copy for my reference folder. 

Here are a few of the blocks I favor using my HST’s.






(Sorry for how these blocks appear.....I struggled a lot with blogger to get them to line up and just don't have all day to do it)

I’m open to any and all suggestions about using up these little squares.

Because these squares are small, I’m thinking I can use them to make mug mats, pot holders, and/or maybe a mini quilt.

Thanks for stopping by.  Be sure to check out Patchwork Times to see links for other design walls this week.

Happy Quilting,


  1. Lisa Bonjean has a link on her blog for Scrap Basket Blocks that use lots of HST"s and small squares. There are 12 posted so far. Look in the right side bar for the links.

  2. I find that blocks like that come in handy as borders and sashings in other quilts......

    You have a great idea there to make a mini quilt from them.

    Putting them together is also a good Leader/Ender project.


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