Friday, April 5, 2013

Recycle Project: Pet Mattresses

A while back I made a mattress for one of my cats.  The outer fabric is one that I really didn't want to use in any quilts so it was a perfect choice.  For the stuffing I filled it with fabric trimmings, batting bits, and even some small pieces of yarn.  To add a little height, I boxed the corners.

It was a big hit with the kitty.

Next I made one for her carrier.  Sometimes she goes on long trips and needs to be comfy.

Then I made one for my other kitty.  This time I used some string blocks found in my UFO bin.

The thing I love about these mattresses is that they are made of materials that I would have thrown away so if they get soiled and don't come through the wash well, I can toss them and make some more.

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