Friday, January 10, 2014

FMQ...Scrappy Baby Asterisk quilt

This week I was able to get the quilting completed on the Scrappy Baby Asterisk quilt.  Yeah!  

This baby quilt top has been sitting in my "To Quilt" pile for a couple of months.  I used leftover scraps from previous baby quilts. 

 Although you probably can't see it clearly, I used the white bubble fabric I got a while back for the sashing and outer border.  

 This is the third ? asterisk baby quilt I've made.  The pattern evolved from a block of the month from 2012.  I've found that this is a good pattern to use up scrap bits.

Here's a pic of the completed top.

I used pins for basting the quilt sandwich together.  My preferred method is to use spray baste and then heat set it with an iron.  

But this time I followed Cindy Needham's technique of tensioning the quilt back and that worked really well...for the backing.  I did get some shifting with the top which showed up in lots of ripples when I did my ditching to secure all the layers.  Perhaps I didn't have my tensions set correctly with my walking foot.  

At any rate, I picked out all the stitching I had done, which took me the better part of a day.  After that I set my maching stitch to "baste" (6mm) and only stitched down the center of the sashing.

Then I stitched around each triangle using my quilting foot instead.  Yes, I had to go really slow to get a straight line, but I was glad I did and pleased with the results.  

I began with quilting flowers in each quadrant.
Later I decided that they needed more emphasis so I went back and echoed each flower.

I had a lot of fun making the bubbles in the sashing.  I didn't want to overquilt that area so I did a single column with larger bubbles in the intersections.

For the outer border I did a simple accordian style wavy line.  It was hard not to try to make straignt lines with equal spacing in between, but I forced myself to go "Organic".

"Organic" is my new mantra this season in my quilting journey.  I define this concept as:  not structured, not perfect.   

I'm linked up with FMQ Project Link-up over at The Free-Motion Quilting Project.  

Thanks for stopping by.            Happy Quilting!


  1. It's a lovely quilt, Diane. The spirals centres in the flowers are really effective, and to me the overall design looks like lots of jolly coloured union jacks. I like your quilting motto for the year - much the same the same approach as mine. I'm never quite sure what I'm going to do until I actually get started.

  2. This is so sweet and your quilting is delightful.

  3. This quilt is adorable! The quilting makes it even more adorable!

  4. Wow! I love the way the spirals and circles pop in the white spaces. Super pretty!


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