Monday, January 9, 2017

Quiltville Mystery Part 7

Last week I posted my Part 6 progress. 

I began working on this final phase, Part 7, of the Quiltville En Provence mystery quilt on New Year's Day holiday.  It didn't take long to cut the patches needed to construct the hourglass units.  Over the course of a couple of days, sewing here and there, I was able to get all the units made and trimmed to size.  
I spent some time calculating exactly how many units I needed to make a rectangular quilt.  Instead of using Bonnie's block layout of 4 x 4, I decided to make mine 3 blocks across and 4 blocks down which should measure out to be about 69"  87" if all goes according to plan.

I laid out all the patches for one block and one sashing.

Because we've had some nasty weather, I was able to spend more time sewing this past weekend.  I got all the blocks and sashing strips assembled and began connecting everything into rows.

I'm hoping to get this top completed by the end of the week.
I'm linking with Mystery Monday Linkup.   Check it out.  There are a lot of creative quilters out there making some awesome quilts.
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