Monday, December 19, 2016

Quiltville Mystery Part 4

On Friday, Bonnie Hunter released Part 4 of her latest Mystery Quilt "En Provence".  I went online and downloaded the instructions right away.  We've had snow on the ground for several days and I don't drive when the roads are bad because I work from home.  Yeah!  So, I've had a lot of time to sew lately.  

Saturday I was able to cut the patches needed and begin constructing the units.  

In keeping with my goal to make 75% of the required units, I made 60 of these 3-1/2" square units.

After sewing the units I began trimming them down to the correct size.  At first I used my Perfect Half-Square & Quarter Square Triangles slotted trimming ruler until I sliced my finger with the rotary blade.  It was my fault for having my fingers too close to the slot where I was to cut.  The blade did not get into the groove before I started moving the cutter.  It took a few minutes with pressure to get the bleeding to stop so I could apply liquid bandaid.  It's been a long time since I made such a foolish mistake.  After that I ditched the trimmer for my regular square ruler and made certain my fingers were safe while squaring all the rest of the units.

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